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Lists the cheats for over 200 computer games
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A collection of cheats for 222 PC games and 360 console games and walkthroughs for 25 computer games. The list of games doesn't contain titles that were launched after 2007.

"Cheatbook" OR "Cheatbook Database" is the best cheatbook database you will get. Cheatbook Database contains the cheat codes for many games.
Cheat codes are the secret codes that we can type while playing a game, so that we will get many more weapons, more lives, to skip a game level or unlock more cars, etc. So, it is actually cheating the game to win. It is actually added into the game programmer itself in case we got stuck in a level of that game (or can't win the game). It is more useful for the game programmers and game testers (people who are professional game players) to test the game quality, user-friendliness, etc.

The cheat codes for any game is available in the internet now, just by a Google search. Cheatbook database is for offline use, when you need a cheat code!

This version contains cheat codes for 5714 games, which is about 42000 total number of cheat codes. We may download more updates / list of cheats for the program from its website. We can submit a cheat code that we have found out and they will add it to the database. The program also has a feature to edit / add new entries.

There are cheat codes for PC games as well as Console Games, for PlayStation, XBox, Nintendo GameBoy, etc., all in different groups, so that we can serach easily.

The program contains a list of the websites where you will get cheat codes easily.

This is a really good proram for those who don't want to spend much time playing the same level again and again. Anyway, using cheat codes reduces the thrill of gameplay.

Zack Martin
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  • Can edit / add our own cheats
  • Updates are easily available
  • Easy to use / search
  • PC & Console cheats


  • Cannot download updates automatically
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